Resources, Infrastructure Systems and built Environments

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Dr Peter Rockett


0114 222 5589

Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
The University of Sheffield
Velocity 2 - Level 1
3 Solly Street
S1 4DE


Peter 's interests include the following:

  • Statistical pattern recognition/machine learning
  • Evolutionary computation (genetic algorithms & genetic programming)
  • Multiobjective optimization using evolutionary algorithms
  • Application of evolutionary methods to pattern recognition
  • Evolutionary optimization of engineering design problems, especially 'design for manufacturing'.
  • Machine learning for building energy management systems (BEMS)

Recent activities and achievements

  • Multi-objective genetic programming, particularly for feature extraction in machine learning, and dynamical systems
  • Application of machine learning to energy management in domestic and non-domestic buildings
  • Pattern recognition/machine learning
  • Multi-objective evolutionary optimisation
  • Quantitative analysis of medical images for the diagnosis/treatment of occlusive vascular disease
  • Knowledge discovery in process control


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The use of machine learning in model predictive control for the operation of non-domestic buildings
FutureBuild 2013
4-6 September 2013, Bath

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Guildford, Surrey , 3‑7 September 2012

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Performance comparison of low-level vessel detection algorithms for segmentation of X-ray angiograms
16th Medical Image Understanding and Analysis Conference
Swansea, 9-11 July 2012

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