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Sheffield Urban Flows Observatory


Prof. Martin Mayfield and Dr Danielle Tingley have won funding for a new Sheffield Urban Flows Observatory which will create a model of Sheffield’s energy and resource usage using fixed and mobile sensors and thermal cameras attached to drones, balloons and cars to scan the city.

The observatory will bring together fixed, mobile, atmospheric and satellite data that measure a range of environmental and physical criteria across a wide range of temporal and spatial scales.  This will allow us the opportunity to deploy advanced data fusion techniques to create a dynamic understanding of the flows of energy and resources in the city that is globally leading.

The Urban Flows Observatory is part of a wider network of UK Urban Observatories, a collaborative venture led by the Universities of Newcastle, Bristol and Sheffield, and part of UKCRIC (UK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure and Cities), 14 universities working to address issues of infrastructure development.

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Project dates

Start date: 
March 2017
End date: 
March 2020


(2020). On the use of random graphs in analysing resource utilization in urban systems. The Royal Society , (Full Text)., Abstract: Urban resource models increasingly rely on implicit network formulations. Resource consumption...