Resources, Infrastructure Systems and built Environments

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Miss Natalie Pearson

Project Co-ordinator

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Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
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Providing administrative support to ENCORE Network+ and faculty-wide projects.

ENCORE Network +

ENCORE Network+ addresses the Grand Challenge area of Risk and Resilience in Complex Engineered Systems (CES).
CES examples include complex products consisting of many interacting components such as gas turbine engines and complex networks such as the UK’s digital, energy and transport networks.

We lack a coherent understanding of what unifies the complexity of entities such as jet engines, cities and our national infrastructure, and of what tools we need necessary to manage and build CES that exhibit resilience or quantify the risks inherent in such systems.

Research project(s)

ENCORE Network +

The E ngineering C omplexity R esilience N etwork plus Complexity Science is…. … the scientific study of complex systems , systems with many parts that interact to produce global behaviour that cannot easily be explained in terms of interactions between the individual constituent elements. Complex systems include IT networks,...