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Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Ms Ling Min Tan

PhD Student


Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street,
S1 3JD


Ling Min is a PhD student under supervision of Professor Martin Mayfield, with scholarship from the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures for the 2016-2020 cohort. Her research focuses on understanding and formulation of the effects of city economic and energetic characteristics on their resources consumption. She is interested in urban metabolism, exergy flows, ecological network analysis, optimizing the pattern of resources consumption, improving energy efficiency and sustainable city planning.

Recent activities and achievements

Ling Min's current project is titled " Exergy-based Input-Output Analysis".


MEng Mechanical Engineering

Research project(s)


Tan, L.M.; Arbabi, H.; Li, Q.; Sheng, Y.; Densley Tingley, D.; Mayfield, M.; Coca, D. (2018). Ecological network analysis on intra-city metabolism of functional urban areas in England and Wales. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 138 (), pp. 172-182. (Full Text)., Abstract: The UK has one of the world’s most urbanised societies where nearly 83% of the total population lives in cities. The continuing population growth could lead to increases in environmental pollutions and congestion within cities. The framework of urban metabolism uses an analogy between cities and...