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Mapping RISE Intellectual Horizon


A co-citation analysis gauges the distance and relation of different records based on their concurrence in the cited references of a third publication (co-occurrence coupling). As such, two publications are considered connected if they appear in the references of another record where the weight and strength of their connection is assumed proportional to the number of records in the references of which they are observed. Along with direct and weighted direct citation networks, co-citation analysis can help discover research themes and interdisciplinary dialogues between them.

This project focuses on using Bibliometric techniques to map the connections and dialogue that exists in the academic literature within the areas that will make up RISE’s research interests. Using the Bibexcel package, an initial investigation was made, using refined search records, into the coupling of the main research areas associated with the academic members of RISE.

Research area(s)

Project dates

Start date: 
June 2016
End date: 
August 2016

People involved

Prof Martin Mayfield
Hadi Arbabi